Welcome to TWS

We are a crack team of designers, programmers, hosting services, tech heads, geeks, nerds and.......
your best friends.

Who we are

Theater Website Services is a full service company that specializes in internet, print and design services for all business types, however our focus is on the entertainment industry.

With over 10 years experience in designing and building award winning websites for all business types across many continents we have the people, skills and knowledge to create whatever solution you may need.

Experience is the key

Because our team of professionals are virtual, we have many resources available to us instantly. We have key personnel spread across the World in different time zones that enable us to produce results faster than most other companies. By having remote workers we are able to tap into the creme of their industry, which means you get the services of top individuals at all times.

Many of our staff have worked for large corporations on some huge projects, for household name companies. Our staff all have the same understanding - by producing the best product, on time, within budget are why our clients are our clients.

Our Clients are our family

At TWS each and everyone of our clients become part of our family, and families look after each other. We ensure that if a client forgot something really important needed for the next day and it's 10pm, he or she has the ability to call us, speak with someone, tell us what they need and we will always endeavour to get what ever it is done by the deadline.

Nobody, no company offers as much personal service as we do. We are available via phone, cell phone, fax, email, Instant Chat, VOIP, Twitter and anything else that becomes popular, to ensure we are always here for you.

Staff Skills