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Media Manager

Our flagship application enables theater websites to provide highly detailed information, free downloads, vital links and of course buy tickets button to any website.

Feature Rich

We created Media Manager to enable us to offer theater companies the ability to recreate a Yahoo Movies type of experience - only better. On a single movie details page each user is presented with a full synopsis, movie showtimes, free downloads, links to trailer and official website, buy ticket button and even "Email a friend about this movie" option. We also include a full cast list with director and producer and running time along with the official age rating for the movie. No longer do visitors have to search for information on a movie you are either now showing, or coming soon.

Featured Movie example of Media Manager
Media Manager also has other great abilities such as setting a featured movie to appear on your homepage, complete with poster image, title, synopsis and a further details button which once clicked passes the visitor through to a full movie details page where they can gain information about the movie, download free wallpapers for their desktops, watch the trailer and even visit the official website.

Submitting your showtimes couldn't be any simpler - we create a special hidden page on your website for your managers to enter movie titles, show times and click submit - we do the rest for you, no longer do you have to login to an administration area of an application that was not written for your business type, and navigate through pages of options you don't need to just get things working. A simple form and the job is done - we take the time to ensure we receive your information every week, human check your information, and if you forget, we'll remind you!

Power and Flexibility

Media Manager has served over 4 million pages since we released the system. Whether you have one location and 5 screens, or 100 locations and 2,000 screens, Media Manager can project your website to the next level of usability for your patrons. All of our clients have seen huge increases in page views, traffic from search engines, visitors adding to favorites, and most of all loyalty.

Because we can create your website with Media Manager integrated, or integrate into your existing website, flexibility is king with our system. We don't use templates that you - and your competitors - have to choose from, you are guaranteed your own identity, look and feel, plus with Media Manager you can even decide if you want simple text listings or full color poster images to display your coming soon and now showing.

Statistics are where it's at

Application solutionsBecause Media Manager offers your users a mass of options and interactivity with things like email a friend to set up a date at your theater for a movie, vote for coming soon movies, download wallpaper for their computers and so much more, we get great statistics for you to use for business decisions.

We gather information on what movie for which location was viewed how many times, from the past week, all time, or a specific date range. We gather the same information for Buy Ticket buttons, movie trailer links, email a friend, and even clicks to the official website. All this information lets you see what movies are still popular if released, or popular before they are released so you can make better business decisions - it's like your own focus group updated in real time.

Our coming soon movie section enables users to vote for movies before they are released. We use technology to stop false voting, so that you receive accurate statistics on each movie.

Media Manager Features